Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle

Рецепт свиной рульки
Рулька в духовке
Сочная свинина
Сочное мясо рульки


✔ pork hock - 1 kg
✔ garlic - 1 head
✔ soy sauce - 2 tbsp.
✔ mustard - 1 tbsp.
✔ salt - 1 tsp.
✔ paprika - 1 tsp.
✔ black pepper - 1 tsp.

🕜 3 hours 20 minutes 
👥 5 servings
Nutrition*: 17/22/3
Calories*: 279 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product


  1. Wash and dry the pork knuckle.
  2. Marinade your leg for 1 hour in spices.
  3. Stuff the hock with garlic and wrap it in foil. Bake for 2 hours in the oven, at 160°.
  4. Eat the knuckle with one hand and wipe the tears of happiness with the other.

Full recipe

Pork knuckle recipes are available on the Internet in huge quantities, consisting of a large number of cooking steps and ingredients. I want to tell you about the simplest cooking option – pork hock in the oven. This dish has a rich meat flavor, because it is cooked in its own juice, and is perfectly combined with various side dishes and sauces, such as plum. First, wash the knuckle well with water and dry with paper towels. Put it in a bowl or saucepan and sprinkle all the spices.

It is necessary to lubricate the whole surface of the leg well so that the meat is evenly marinated. It is also necessary to make small incisions through which the marinade will come, later they will be used again. Now cover the knuckle with a film or lid, and send for 1 hour in the fridge. While the meat is marinated, we must clean the garlic and we can do our own chores. An hour later, we take the pork knuckle out of the fridge and stuff it with the garlic cloves. Simply insert them into the previously made incisions.

Now we roll up our semi-finished product in foil or oven-bag, and move it to a tray. The last step is to put the knuckle in the oven for 2 hours, at 160 degrees.

After 2 hours, our meat is completely ready, but I left the dish for the night, so it came after turning off the oven for another 5-6 hours. At the exit, we get incredibly juicy and tender meat, which “melts in your mouth” and breaks down into fibers.

This recipe will perfectly suit as an appetizer for beer or as a complement to any garnish. Pork knuckle and mashed potatoes are very well combined.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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