Salted Salmon

Домашняя рыбка
Домашняя соленая красная рыба
Малосольная рыба рецепт


✔ red fish (salmon) - 0.5 kg
✔ salt - 1.5 tbsp.
✔ sugar - 0,5 tbsp.

🕜 12 hours
👥 10 servings
Nutrition*: 20/5/2
Calories*: 130 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product


  1. Prepare the red fish: defrost, gut, wash.
  2. Cut the fish, separate the fillet.
  3. Mix salt and sugar.
  4. Put the fish in a container and sprinkle evenly with spices.
  5. Leave in the fridge for 10-12 hours.
  6. Serve salted red fish to the table and enjoy.

Full recipe

Red fish is always a delicacy, at least in our region. They are brought from abroad, so the cost of the product is quite high. Especially if you buy sliced weakly salted fish, in original packages. Of course, you get a ready-made product, which can be instantly served, but there are also disadvantages. And besides the price, it is also the presence of a large amount of sugar, preservatives and other nasty things, at the discretion of the manufacturer. It is also no secret that fish are fed with dyes to make the meat more red, and preserves are most affected by this.

But why buy something that is very easy to do by yourself, while fully controlling the cooking process? Today we will talk about how to salinate red fish at home. To begin with, we will decide on the choice of fish – any of the salmon family will do. In our stores we most often find salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon and arctic char. You can also see a generalized name – salmon or trout. You can safely take both fresh fish and frozen ones.

How to choose the right fish in the store? Look at the appearance – the fish should be brightly colored, without dried limbs and stains. Eyes should be not cloudy. The carcass of fresh fish is quite elastic and keeps its shape, even if you put it in the palm of your hand. And, of course, the fish should not stink. Fresh fish smell like sea or algae. When buying a frozen version, make sure that the carcass is not yellow from constant frosts.


We have the red fish in our hands, so we start processing it. The frozen variant needs to be defrosted and washed, it goes already gutted. If the fish is fresh, then, depending on its condition, it will be gutted and washed. Now let’s start cutting. Cut off the head, fins and tail – if desired, you can boil the fish soup or fish broth. Gently make a cut on the back, so that the carcass began to be divided into 2 parts. Smoothly separate the fillet, cut off from the ridge, all over its plane. In this way we get one half of the fish with the ridge, the other half without. We make an incision under the ridge and from end to beginning we separate the second part of the fillet from the vertebrae.

Next, you need to get all the large bones from the red fish, the small ones are also desirable to extract. It is best to use tweezers for this activity. Now we have 2 sirloins of red fish, on the skin. It is possible to grease without skin, but I like it better. We take the shape, according to the size of the sirloin. If there is nothing suitable, the fish can be sliced in portions, according to the size of the dishes. It is advisable to take glass or plastic containers, because the metal may give an unpleasant flavor. I will initially wrap the fish in the fabric, and only then put it in a container – so the salted fish will be a little dryer due to the fact that the fabric absorbs part of the brine.

Sprinkle a little salt from the bottom and put the fish on top, skinning down. In a separate bowl mix salt and sugar, but it is not necessary, you can sprinkle it one by one. Then evenly sprinkle with spices fish.

Gently wrap the edges of the fabric so as not to spill salt and sugar. Put the ready bundle in the tray and send it to the fridge.

Delicious salty red fish is ready in 10-12 hours. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the amount of salt and sweetness.

You can eat salted fish as usual sliced or added to salads and other cooking. My favorite pastry is a regular sandwich made of black bread and red fish.

Such salty red fish is stored for about a week, in the refrigerator.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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