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Welcome to our cozy culinary blog “DON’T STARVE”

Our names are Yegor and Tanya. We are madly fond of cooking, looking for something new and unusual for ourselves, and creating new recipes. We’ve been experimenting with dishes for over 6 years. We are sure that each of you who are reading this text now also enjoy every dessert, pie or sauce that you have received. It is especially pleasant when you bring something of your own to the recipe from time to time and really make the dish even more tasty and unique. That’s why you and we are like-minded!

Apart from classic recipes, we have succeeded in the direction of Good Nutrition. From the start, it was not so easy to find dishes that are perfect for both composition and taste. But over time, after gaining experience, it was easy to adapt any recipe to suit you. Of course, not always everything was perfect and delicious, because cooking is an eternal search. But you will find all the successful options on our website. We would like to note at once that in our understanding Helthy Food recipes are not just food that leads to weight loss. Good nutrition is the selection of ingredients and cooking processes that make food as healthy as possible for the body.

This blog is designed specifically to share your experiences and secrets. All published recipes are as structured and easy to understand as possible. All new dishes can always be found on the homepage of our culinary blog. You can find the breakdown of recipes by direction in the Recipes section.

We want you to be comfortable on our site, so you can write in comments on any issue. You can also contact us on social networking sites.

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