Plum Sauce

Соус из слив
Рецепт остро-сладкого соуса из слив


✔ sweet plums – 500 g
✔ sugar – 1 tsp.
✔ salt – 1/3 tsp.
✔ dried basil – ½ tsp.
✔ dried oregano – ½ tsp.
✔ fennel – 2 tsp.
✔ garlic – 1 small head
✔ hot sauce or red pepper – ½ tsp.

🕜 50 minutes 
👥 10 servings
Nutrition*: 1/0/12
Calories*: 55 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

  1. Wash plums. Peel rind, separate flesh from bone.
  2. Prepare herbs, garlic and spices.
  3. Mix all the ingredients in a blender.
  4. Boil plum sauce for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Enjoy a delicious spicy and sweet plum sauce.

Full recipe

What should we do if we have sauces familiar from childhood: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard? First, you can buy a new sauce in the store, but it is very likely that it will be quite similar to the above options. But, secondly, you can make a delicious sauce yourself.

This is the option we will stop at. We will cook a spicy sweet plum sauce. It is not tkemali, but the process of cooking sauces is similar. Such an additive to the dishes will surely surprise you and your guests. First, let’s define the plums. Well matured sweet or neutral sorts are the best choice. Plums can be taken fresh or frozen, in the second case, you should defrost them beforehand.

After draining, we peel the rind and separate the pulp from the bone. The result is added to a blender and we go to prepare the other ingredients.

If the peel of a plum does not blend well, put the plums down in boiling water for a couple of minutes.


In my case it is only necessary to clean the garlic. The dill was frozen, all the other herbs were dried, so I added them directly to the blender.

If you have fresh greenery, then put about 1-2 small branches of dill and 1 leaf of basil. Fans of spicy sauces can increase the number of herbs. Also add salt, sugar and hot pepper, ground cayenne or chili to a bowl of blender. Instead of pepper, I added the hot sauce “Pain 100%”.

When all the components are in the blender, beat the mass to homogeneity.

Then pour the liquid into a saucepan or bowl, and put on a small fire.

After boiling, we keep about 20-30 minutes on a small fire, constantly stirring. During this time, the mass will thicken and become more saturated.

Voila, a simple drain sauce is ready. At the same time, it does not look like ordinary store sauce, has a pronounced taste and is ideal for meat, fish and other dishes. If desired, this sauce can be prepared for winter.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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