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Healthy Low-Calorie Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Сладости для диеты
Шоколадный брауни с вишней диетический
Диетическая выпечка
ПП брауни приготовление


✔ cherry - 150 g
✔ eggs - 2 pcs.
✔ milk - 100 ml
✔ cocoa - 30 g
✔ oat bran - 30 g
✔ stevia - 7 g
✔ soda - 3 g
✔ yogurt - 1 tbsp.

🕜 1 hour 30 minutes 
👥 4 servings
Nutrition*: 7/5/11
Calories*: 123 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

Ингредиенты для диетического брауни

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough.
  2. Prepare the cherries, drain the excess liquid.
  3. Pour the dough over the baking tray and place the cherries on top.
  4. Bake the cherry brownies in the oven, at 120°, for 40-60 minutes.
  5. Give the dessert a "rest" for 10-20 minutes.
  6. Enjoy a delicious and aromatic diet brownie with cherry.

Full recipe

Today I will talk about how to make a chocolate brownie. The only thing we will do is to make a diet version of it, without adding flour or sugar. Also, for a change, I will add a cherry in it. The recipe of brownies is quite simple, so even a child can cope with it. And the preparation process, without baking, will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

For starters, we prepare a cherry. You can take fresh, washed, cleaned from the bones and let the juice flow. In my case, the berries are frozen, so I took them out of the freezer beforehand. If you need to defrost the cherries urgently – use a microwave or steam bath.

Now we start preparing the dough. Since we prepare dietary brownies, all ingredients refer to the healthy food: eggs, cocoa, oat bran, yogurt, stevia or any other sugar substitute / sweetener of choice, and soda. First beat the eggs together with stevia and half milk (50 ml).

I have eggs big enough, for 110 grams 2 pieces. So if you have all the little ones, you can take 3 whole eggs.


Beat for a few minutes using a hand blender with a crown nozzle. The dough is not thick, so you can even beat it manually with a whisk. Next, add the sieved cocoa powder and stir constantly so that no lumps are formed.

Next we add oat bran. If you do not have bran, you can replace it with a similar amount of ground oatmeal, rice or corn flour. The consistency and taste of low-calories brownies will not be affected in any way.

Now pour out the remaining milk and a little beat the whole mass to a homogeneous state. At the very end I put yogurt and soda in the mix – they will react with each other and make our dough more airy.

Dough for brownies is quite liquid, it can be seen in the photo, but it should be.

I will bake our chocolate dessert in a tray. Since the ready brownies must be thin enough, the dough layer must not be large. It is also customary to cut it into small square pieces, which are easier to get from a square or rectangular cake.

Pre-cover the baking tray with foil and grease with oil.

Parchment paper can be used instead of foil; oil can be replaced with a piece of butter. Then we pour the dough into the mould.

From above I lay out the cherry, with which I drained the excess liquid.

To bake brownies we put in the oven heated to 120 degrees, for 40-60 minutes, depending on your oven.

To understand that our chocolate cherry brownies are ready, you can look at the slightly cracked surface.

Also, in the finished dessert, cherries will deepen into the dough. After taking the brownies out of the oven, we give him a “rest” for 10-20 minutes. Now you can safely slice it and serve it to the table. The dough is airy, so the dessert seems to be very easy.

The flavor of healthy brownies is also at its best – a mixture of chocolate, sweets and sour cherries make it truly unforgettable.

Also, unfortunately, the photos do not convey a pleasant fragrance that fills the whole kitchen. Now you know how to cook low-calories brownie, or rather its variation with cherry. Courageously prepare this diet recipe for yourself, your family or guests.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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