Shawarma Sauce Recipe

Турецкий соус для донера
Рецепт чесночного соуса
Самый вкусный соус для шаурмы консистенция


✔ mayonnaise - 150 g
✔ yogurt - 100 g
✔ garlic - 2-3 cloves
✔ paprika - 1 tsp. (we have smoked and normal).
✔ red hot pepper - 1 pinch
✔ salt - 1 pinch
✔ pepper - ½ tsp.

🕜 5 minutes 
👥 5 servings
Nutrition*: 3/32/5
Calories*: 319 kcal

* per 100 grams


  1. Mix mayonnaise, yogurt, spices and squeezed garlic in one container.
  2. Make a chic home shawarma with white garlic sauce.

Full recipe

From time to time I cook shawarma at home. It is really fast food, the so-called fast food, which can be cooked in 10-15 minutes. And despite the negative image of this product among the people, I consider the dish itself absolutely not harmful, because it consists of the usual ingredients: lavash, fried chicken, vegetables and sauce.

So to say, the dish’s reputation was unfairly tarnished, although it is not even fried in oil, like chebureki or peremech. And if you want them, here is an excellent recipe of homemade chebureks.

But let’s move away from philosophizing to pressing issues. I once thought about the fact that each time something is missing to a quality doner-kebab, which can be enjoyed in good fast food establishments. I realized that it was all about the sauce. Of course, the mixture of homemade mayonnaise and spices completely satisfied me, but a little bit of incompleteness remained. So, by trial and error I brought out my garlic sauce for shawarma, which ideally complements the dish.

For cooking, we will need simple ingredients that are almost always at home. The first one will be mayonnaise (150 g). I highly recommend the home version, as it is delicious and does not contain various additives that thicken the sauce. And since the sauce for shawarma should be well smeared on lavash, this point is quite important.

The next ingredient is yogurt (100 g). It can still be replaced with sour cream, but preferably nonfat. Since I almost always have homemade yogurt at home, I add it. If you take the store version, make sure that it is without flavors. We need only natural yogurt.

And we finish the list of ingredients with garlic (3 cloves) and spices. If the garlic is sharp or too large, you can take 2 cloves. Also over time you will understand how much garlic should be in the sauce to add spice, but not interrupt the taste of the other stuffing of shawarma.

From spices add paprika (1 tsp.), hot red pepper (1 pinch), salt (1 pinch) and ground black pepper (½ tsp.). You can add smoked paprika, if you have one, in the proportion of 50/50 with regular. The light taste of smoked pepper will give the shawarma a special charm. Red pepper can be replaced with hot sauce, but not with tabasco or another containing vinegar. You can experiment, though. You may be the one who will like this modification. You can take ordinary black ground or freshly ground pepper. After grinding in a mill or mortar, the pepper is sharper and more aromatic, so you can add less.

And lastly we will discuss the salt. If the mayonnaise was salty, it is not necessary to add it. If it is basal, and you have diluted it with yogurt, you should add at least a pinch to restore the balance. Put mayonnaise and yogurt in one container. Add the spices and squeeze out the garlic, using a garlic crusher.

Mix our white sauce well until it is homogeneous. That’s all, you can take the garlic sauce and cook the homemade shawarma.

Among the advantages of this sauce – it is easy to cook, perfectly complements the kebab and well smeared on lavash.

The sauce can also be used for other dishes, such as croutons, salads and potatoes. Of the disadvantages – it is better not to eat such shawarma before going out into people.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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