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Semolina Pudding

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✔ semolina – 50 g (4 tbsp).
✔ milk – 600 ml
✔ sugar – 25 g (1.5 tbsp).
✔ vanillin – pinch
✔ cinnamon – pinch

🕜 15 minutes 
👥 2 servings
Nutrition*: 4/3/13
Calories*: 96 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

Ингредиенты для манной каши
  1. Heat the milk.
  2. Add the semolina in small portions, stirring the mass well.
  3. Boil porridge for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. Add sugar, butter, vanilla, cinnamon. Give the porridge to infuse for 5 minutes.
  5. Eat delicious semolina without lumps.

Full recipe

Each of us ate semolina when we were kids. I don’t know about who, but personally I liked it a lot. That’s why in my adult life I periodically cook myself a semolina, but with all the nuances that were so annoying before. The first thing is that the semolina has to be lumpless. The second is that I only use milk to make the finished version more creamy. Today I will share the recipe of my ideal porridge, but no one prevents you from experimenting, and taking my instructions for the template, bring out your own.

What’s the semolina pudding made of? From semolina, milk or water, and sugar. Based on the ingredients, we can see that the semolina itself is not very useful, because semolina is grinded wheat grains that contain almost no nutritious micro and macro elements. But it is a fast, nutritious and cheap option for breakfast or dessert. For semolina porridge, I most often use milk with a fat content of 2.6% or 3.2%.

If you don’t have any milk or you are not allowed to use it, for whatever reason, you can cook semolina on water. You can also try mixing milk and water in different proportions to bring out your perfect taste. As it was written earlier, I use only milk. Pour milk into a pot or bowl. We put the heat on the middle flame.

It is best to use a saucepan or thick-bottomed dishes to keep the porridge from burning. From time to time the liquid should be stirred so that no milk film is formed on top and nothing sticks to the bottom. This way we bring the milk almost to a boil.

To avoid scratching the saucepan or pan, I recommend using a silicone spatula. It is also convenient to use for smearing ready-made semolina.


Now let’s do the semolina pudding. We need to gently pour it into the milk, stirring everything well. Adding the semolina a little bit, there will be no place for lumps, because the particles quickly stir in the total mass.

On the Internet you can find dozens of tips on how to make a lumpless semolina, but I’ve spent my whole life cooking like this, and always got the perfect consistency.

I like porridge to be liquid, so I add 50 g per 600 ml of milk. This proportion is designed for 2 servings. If you cook for a liter, take 80-85 grams.


Adding a semolina to the porridge, boil it for 2 minutes, stirring very well. Then add sugar, butter and other spices to taste. To make the flavor of the pudding even better, I put a little cinnamon and vanilla.

Just one pinch of each spice is enough. Once again we stir everything and leave it in the pot to insist.

In 5 minutes the semolina will swell completely and the sugar will dissolve, so we can start eating. The last time we mix the semolina and pour it on plates.

You can eat the pudding with or without additives. If you want to ‘improve’ your porridge, add sour sweet jam, such as cherry or apricot.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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