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Healthy Burgers

Вкусный бургер
Небольшие бургеры
Готовый ПП бургер



✔ Cottage cheese in a briquette 0% – 200 g
✔ Chicken eggs – 2 pcs.
✔ Salt – 1 pinch
✔ Rice flour – 50 g
✔ Oatmeal flour – 50 g
✔ Opener – 0,5 tsp.


✔ Beef – 300 g
✔ Onions – small, 1 pcs.
✔ Salt, pepper.
✔ Chicken egg – 1 pcs.
✔ Tomato – small, 1 pcs.
✔ Cucumber – small, 1 pcs.
✔ Salad leaves – 1 pcs.
✔ Champignons – 2 pcs.
✔ Cheese – 50 g


✔ Tomato puree – 1 st.p.
✔ Yogurt – 1 st.p.
✔ Mustard – 1-2 tbsp.
✔ Spices

🕜 1 hour 
👥 6-8 servings
Nutrition*: 18/13/7
Calories*: 217 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

  1. Mix the dough and sinter the buns.
  2. Mix the sauce.
  3. Make mincemeat and fry the cutlets.
  4. Prepare ingredients for filling.
  5. Form a burger.
  6. Enjoy an incredibly delicious diet burger.

Full recipe

Burgers are an amazingly juicy and delicious dish that has taken over the world. Nowadays almost all cafes, bars and restaurants, regardless of their price policy and status, present it in their main menu. But not everybody knows that, having spent a little energy, you can make a diet burger at home, which will be both healthy and delicious.

As the Earth stood on three whales, so the right burger has three main components: bun, cutlet, sauce. And only with the synergy of all the ingredients, your burger will be remembered for a long time and will tempt you to cook it again and again. We’ll start with the bun. Since we’re cooking the healthy food option, the burger bun should be prepared according to diet rules. Of course, no one bothers to buy wholemeal buns or other suitable buns, but I’ll use the tried and tested variant of buns on curd dough.

Since the link to the recipe of rolls all the steps are detailed, I will describe the preparation in brief. Mix cottage cheese, eggs, salt in a blender and add flour and baking powder. Mix everything well. Form small cups for buns. And bake for 30 minutes in a heated oven to 180°.

While the buns are baked, we can boldly start making mincemeat. Helathy burger is better for beef, but I’d recommend not buying the leanest part. With a little fat layer, the cutlet will be a little fattier but juicier. The process of making minced meat is standard – on the meat grinder we twist beef and onions.

You can buy ready-made minced meat, but I don’t really trust the store option. They’re happy to scroll cartilage, horns and hooves. Unfortunately, industrial meat grinders allow to do it without problems.

Life realities

Add salt, pepper, egg to the minced meat and mix it. Form small cutlets for the future burger and roast in a pan. If it burns, you can drop some olive oil.

Sliced champignons are also fried in an olive oil pan. It’s better to make the slices not too small to comfortably form a burger pyramid. Both mushrooms and cutlets can be cooked in the oven, but then they will be drier. We also prepare and slice tomatoes, cucumbers, salad leaves, cheese. We cut everything into thin slices.

It’s time for the last component of the burger, the sauce. It usually includes mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc. Since we are talking about good nutrition, the ingredients of the sauce will be dietetic as well. We take a spoonful of classic yogurt, a spoonful of tomato puree or paste, some mustard or pre-mustard powder, and add salt and pepper to taste. The result should be a homogeneous sauce with a little pinch.

Let’s cut the ready-made buns in half. We put sauce on the bottom and top of the bun. Then lay out on the bottom half of the salad, cucumbers, mushrooms, cutlet, cheese, tomato. And close with the top of the bun.

That’ s all, we got a real PP burger! On this number of components turned out 7 pieces. If all the ingredients were still hot, you can start the tasting. Otherwise – I recommend to heat the burgers in the oven or microwave. This way, the cheese can melt and the rest of the ingredients can be warmed up.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve. 😋

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