Syrniki – Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Домашние сырники рецепт
Самые вкусные сырники рецепт
Рецепт пышных сырников
Золотистые сырники рецепт


✔ cottage cheese - 350 g
✔ flour - 4-5 tbsp.
✔ egg - 1 pcs.
✔ sugar - 3 tbsp.
✔ oil - 3 tbsp.
✔ vanillin - pinch
✔ salt - pinch

🕜 15 minutes 
👥 2 servings
Nutrition*: 13/8/29
Calories*: 237 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

Ингредиенты для сырников

  1. Mix curd, flour, egg, sugar, salt and vanilla in a bowl. Knead homogeneous dough.
  2. Roll out the balls and make them blanks for syrniki.
  3. Fry cottage cheese pancakes in a frying pan. Let the extra oil run off.
  4. Eat chic homemade syrniki.

Full recipe

How sometimes I want to eat delicious grandmother’s syrniki for breakfast, but, unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Then I take care of myself and go to cook them myself. In fact, there is nothing complicated, in the process of cooking. All the magic lies in love and care for your neighbors. But let’s move away from lyrics and start the recipe.

For starters, let’s choose cottage cheese. It is best to cook from home, or store with a fat content of 5% or 9%. You can take both crumbly and briquette variants. Personally, I prefer crumbly, with medium grains, because it cannot be completely ground during cooking, and it feels good in the ready syrniki. Pour the cottage cheese into a bowl and add the egg, sugar, a pinch of vanilla and salt to it.

If desired, you can pour a little cinnamon – then the ready-made syrniki will be more fragrant. Now let’s add flour. Depending on the humidity of the cottage cheese and the type of flour, the quantity may vary quite strongly. I would start with 3 spoons and add it as needed.

If you pour over the flour, the cottage cheese pancakes will fall apart, and the finished version will be hard. So take responsibility for this moment.


We start stirring the cottage cheese with other ingredients using a fork. If you have large enough cottage cheese grains, try to grind them as much as possible to make the dough more homogeneous. But the task, to do everything completely without lumps – do not.

When you have crushed all large and medium curd grains with a fork, you can start to mix the dough with your hands. We do this until the dough starts to stick together well and fall apart.

We pour flour on the table or barn to roll out the syrniki on them. We pluck a small piece of dough and roll it in your hand to shape the ball. Then pile it in flour, put it on the table and, gradually pressing it down, roll your palms around to make the pancakes look familiar.

It is very simple to do this: press a little on top of the ball, flattening it, and rotate the ends of the hands on the table, walking around the circumference of the workpiece. We repeat the procedure until the appearance of the pancake will bring us satisfaction. We make such blanks from the whole dough.

It remains to fry our syrniki. To do this, pour the oil into the pan and heat it. We will fry on medium heat, even closer to the small one, so that the syrniki blush, cooked, but not burned.

On each side I hold them for about 10 minutes.

Once both barrels became golden, we remove syrniki from the fire and put them on a plate with a paper towel. This way we get rid of excess oil.

The classic variant is cooked in a frying pan, but in the modern world you can also fry in a multicooker – no significant difference in this I do not see. If you want, you can even bake cottage cheese pancakes in the oven, but then they will not have a blush crust. So, as an option, you can first quickly fry them in a frying pan, and then bring them to the oven.


As a result we get a chic warm dessert, which is ideal for breakfast. Syrniki do not crumble, they are dense, but at the same time lush and tender.

They are quite sweet in themselves, but special sweet toothpicks can add sour-sweet jam or melted chocolate. For all others I recommend to eat syrniki with sour cream.

And lastly, if you want to cook not quite classic russian syrniki, experiment – replace the flour with semolina, or flour of other varieties, or just add raisins to them.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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