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Healthy Berry Smoothie Recipe

Смузи для детей
Как приготовить смузи
Вкусный смузи


✔ yogurt - 640 g (600 ml)
✔ blueberries - 100 g
✔ raspberry - 200 g
✔ vanillin, stevia, cinnamon - pinch
✔ mint - 2 leaves

🕜 5 minutes 
👥 2-4 servings
Nutrition*: 3/1/6
Calories*: 49 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product

Смузи в домашних условиях

  1. Whisk berries together with spices and mint.
  2. Add yogurt and whisk until homogeneous.
  3. Enjoy a cool and tasty smoothie.

Full recipe

A smoothie is a milk drink, of thick consistency, with the addition of fruits, berries, vegetables, greens, etc. In fact, it is a milkshake or yogurt, but more intense. At the peak of its trendiness, the drink was in 2016 and is slightly losing its popularity. However, this does not make it less interesting for us, because smoothies at home are fast, tasty and useful.

All cooking takes no more than 5 minutes and does not require expensive equipment. Today’s smoothie recipe will be sweet. This option is perfect for breakfast or afternoon. Fruit smoothies are very popular among children, and an adult is unlikely to refuse such a drink. We will use homemade yogurt as a basis. You can also use kefir, milk, ice cream and other dairy products.

I use homemade yogurt because it contains no preservatives or sugar. For berry smoothies it is better to take fermented milk products or ice cream to make the drink thick and homogeneous. In case you want to make an option with milk, you can thicken the cocktail with a banana. I have frozen smoothies – blueberries and raspberries.

I chose this combination to have a balance of sweetness and a little sourness. In principle, experiment with any set of berries and fruits to get the best recipe for yourself. One of the most common recipes is smoothies with strawberries, especially in the early summer season. I don’t let berries melt and throw them into a blender right away.

It is desirable to take the ingredients cold, so that the beverage is not heated during the cooking process – almost everyone likes it chilled. Add some vanilla, stevia or sugar, and cinnamon to the berries.

If you add a lot of vanilla or cinnamon, smoothies will turn out to be bitter. For spice and freshness, I add a couple of small leaves of mint. We beat it for a few minutes.

You can use a mixer instead of a blender, but then you get a milkshake or yogurt, not a smoothie, because berries are not crushed so much.


Add yogurt to the fruit mixture. You can whip all the ingredients at once, but not every blender will do it well.

Whip smoothies to complete homogeneity, when you can not see the individual pieces of berries. The consistency of the ready beverage should be thick enough, but it can be adjusted to your taste.

Now you know how to cook smoothie at home. Courageously start experimenting, looking for your ideal variant.

The only thing to remember is that not all smoothies recipes are equally healthy. For example, if you add a lot of sweet fruits, such as banana, honey or maple syrup, the drink becomes caloric, and can negatively affect the weight loss process.

The berry variant shown by me is completely dietetic and deserves the Healthy tag.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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