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Cooking is a process from which you can and should enjoy. Creating an edible masterpiece with our own hands, we act as sculptors, artists, inventors. And as each of these creators, the cook has his own tool, which is necessary for cooking, as well as a number of accessories that facilitate the work and make the final result more perfect. Therefore, in this article you will find the most detailed overview of all kitchen accessories purchased personally by us in the online store Aliexpress.

The table contains only 1 main product from each category. Additional links can be found in the article itself, under the table.

Gadget Advantage Number of orders Link
1 Овощечистка. Миниатюра Stainless steel.
Sharp blade.
Comfortable handle.
2 Силиконовые формы. Миниатюра The dough’s not sticking.
It’s easy to wash.
Variety of shapes and sizes.
Can be used not only for baking.
3 Форма для льда - череп. Миниатюра A variety of shapes to suit every taste and color. 3017
4 Набор лопаток. Миниатюра Perfect kitchen assistant 6386
5 Силиконовые лопатки. Миниатюра Perfect kitchen assistant #2 5010
6 Распылитель масла и уксуса - металл. Миниатюра Saving oil.
Uniform spattering.
7 Аэратор большой. Миниатюра Comfortable water flow.
8 Силиконовый коврик - разметка. Миниатюра The products do not stick to the surface.
Variability of sizes.
9 Каплеуловитель. Миниатюра Careful spill.
Storage of drinks without cork.
10 Форма для яиц - металл. Миниатюра Beautiful view of the scrambled eggs.
The kids love it.

Table of Contents

  1. Peeler
  2. Baking moulds
  3. Ice moulds
  4. Silicone spatula
  5. Silicone brush
  6. Oil sprayer
  7. Kitchen Sink Aerators
  8. Baking mat
  9. Wine Pourers
  10. Egg molds


Begins our kitchen hit parade from Aliexpress – Peeler. Today it is hard to imagine the cooking process without this accessory. Of course, quite a few people are used to cleaning fruits and vegetables in the old way, with a knife. But from personal experience, I know that vegetable peeling can significantly speed up the task. In shops, including Chinese, you can find a huge variety of accessories. Probably the most popular variations are vegetable peelers like “razor” or “knife”.

The first variant I do not like specifically for cleaning, because the head with blades is movable, and it is not always convenient to draw a line evenly. So, cleaning from the peel of squash or zucchini, you need to apply a lot of extra effort. On the other hand, this vegetable peeler is ideal for slicing vegetables with thin stripes.

The vegetable peeler variant in the form of a regular knife is available with different handles and blade types. The handle can be plastic, wooden or metal. The blade is most often double-sided, so you can use the tool with both right and left hand. Before choosing a vegetable peeler from the Aliexpress, I several times bought unsuccessful options in my city. In the end, I decided that I was not satisfied with the plastic pen and the wooden one, as they eventually began to crack or spoil with moisture. That’s how I ended up with a metal stainless steel vegetable peeler. In design it resembles something between Fackelmann and BergHOFF. As with most similar devices, the vegetable peeler spout ends with a point, with which you can cut out small areas, such as eyes at potatoes. The tool blades were very sharp and did not dull in a few years. It’s true that originally they were a bit narrow and didn’t capture much peeling, so I carefully bent them to my liking. The vegetable peeler fits perfectly in your hand. It’s also light, so the hand doesn’t get tired during the cleaning process. All the elements near the handle are rounded, which makes it completely safe, even if the fruit or vegetables are being cleaned by a child.

Peeler Reviews from Aliexpress.

Baking moulds

If you are a fan of homemade cupcakes, bread or biscuits, then your arsenal must have baking moulds of different types and sizes. And in my opinion, the most convenient option is silicone moulds. Metal and plastic moulds can be sticky to products, they need more delicate care, etc. Also, a huge advantage of silicone molds is how easy it is to extract the finished product from them – just turn the mold over and everything falls out by itself, without any extra movement.

As for shapes and sizes, I most often use medium and large rectangles. I’ve already shown them in recipes for liver souffles and cake pops. Also a good round shape, for example for making a cake or pie, and a small shaped shape for muffins and other desserts.

When buying, you should pay attention to reviews or photos to ensure the quality of the silicone – it must be thick enough or it will not hold dough or liquids. Perhaps you should ignore the cheapest options and look for something immediately adequate. And last but not least, silicone moulds can be used not only for baking but also for freezing. This way you can easily make and put ice cream or jelly out of the mould.   

Reviews on baking moulds from Aliexpress.

Ice moulds

This kitchen accessory is not used very often, but its merits cannot be removed. Ice moulds are suitable not only for cocktail lovers, but also for confectioners and all other chefs who know how to use them. In addition to ordinary ice or chocolate, you can freeze berry juices, smoothies, ice cream, butter and spices, wine leftovers, etc. The most common are small molds in which ice is frozen in the form of balls or cubes.

I also bought silicone shapes to make ice that will look beautiful in the drinks. Another useful purchase was a silicone mould with thickened walls and a membrane bottom. With this option of freezing the ice, it can be removed without the slightest difficulty. By the way, this shape comes with a lid, so there is much less chance of spilling liquid on the way to the freezer.

If you want to buy an ice mold for whisky or other cocktails, we recommend you to pay attention to an ice tray with a large or medium cube shape. In this form, it will melt more slowly and thus dilute the drink less with water.

Reviews on Aliexpress Ice Forms

Silicone spatula

If we paraphrase the famous song from a movie by E. Ryazanov, we get the following: “If you don’t have a shoulder spatula, it must be bought urgently!” Among all the goods for the kitchen, the silicone spatula is the one I use most often. Gently collect all the dough, flip pancakes or cutlets in a non-stick pan, stir the cream while cooking – this is only a small part of the processes that can be done with its help. My kitchen scraper has been in use for over 3 years and I enjoy it all this time.

By the way, the rubber spatula cleans well, because nothing sticks to it. If you have an instant pot, you can safely use the spatula for cooking in it – it will not scratch anything. The spatula, like the other accessories, has different types. The main difference is the material of the handle. I have met in practice variants with wooden, metal handle and plastic handle. Silicone blades come in different colors and sizes, and differ in density and shape. They are sold separately or as a set.

Reviews on silicone spatulas from Aliexpress.

Silicone brush

It’s shaped like a silicone spatula, but it looks like a brush at the end. It is most often used for baking, namely for whipped egg or sugar syrup lubrication. I sometimes use a silicone brush to caramelize baked poultry by coating the body with honey blend.

You can also use the culinary brush to decorate desserts or cakes. Different brushes differ from each other in size, silicone density and pen material. As with the blade, I stopped at the plastic version. 

Reviews on silicone brushes from Aliexpress.

Sprayer for oil and vinegar

Always thought this gadget was too steamed up until I started using it myself. The sprinkler has one single function, which is why it is named – it evenly sprays the liquid. But believe me, how convenient it is to cover an entire pan or baking tray with vegetable oil in a few movements, or dressing the salad with vinegar and olive oil without stirring it many times. Dispenser-sprayer can be plastic, glass and metal, there are also transparent and opaque containers.

I used one of the most common, metal, with a plastic button. The instructions for use are very simple: you pour any liquid inside, then screw in the lid and use it. The only thing I advise is to wipe the sprayer itself after the oil so that it does not clog. When the oil or vinegar runs out, it is easy to wash and use again. On Aliexpress culinary sprayer is often sold at a discount, so you can save significantly by ordering it from China.

Sprayer reviews from Aliexpress

Kitchen Sink Aerators

And how did I live without this thing before? I can’t remember where I first saw it, but the thought of buying it came instantly. And not for nothing, because for only one dollar you can improve the water flow. I had a solid jet, so there were a few problems that were solved with the purchase of the nozzle on the mixer. First, the water splashed heavily around the washbasin, and with the help of aerator it became much softer to hit the surface. Secondly, the attachment made the flow more “loose”, so it was much easier to wash food or dishes. Thirdly, you can switch between ‘solid jet’ and ‘aerated’ modes if you like. Fourthly, the aerator holds the flow of water a little bit, so it is excellent for saving water.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about what kind of crane aerator to buy. In stores there is a huge variety of gadgets: backlit, touch, flexible, etc. For a kitchen faucet, the best choice is either a conventional faucet or a flexible faucet attachment. You can buy a backlit aerator for the bathroom if you have children – I don’t see any other useful application for it. The infrared sensor attachment allows you to make your faucet automatic. Bringing your hand to the faucet, water will flow from the tap, the set temperature.

Reviews the aerator from Aliexpress.

Silicone mat

If you are fond of baking or pastry art, you probably already have such a rug, or maybe even more than one. If you don’t already have one, you need to get better. A silicone mat is a great substitute for parchment paper or foil. Dough and other products will stick to it badly, so finished products are easy to get. It can also be used for rolling out dough. There are even special forms with markings, in the form of circles of different diameters.

This way, you can prepare a piece of dough in advance that fits perfectly to the size of your dishes. There is also a special macaroon mat on the Aliexpress, as they must be the same size for baking in the oven. Basically, the mats differ in material density, size and colour.

Which choice is up to you, based on your needs and tastes.   

Reviews on the silicone mat from Aliexpress

Wine Pourers

I bought this gadget in 2015, in the midst of the sale of 11.11 on Aliexpress. To be honest, I didn’t even think I’d use it all the time. It doesn’t mean I drink all the time – I just add wine quite often when cooking. That’s why there’s always a started bottle in the kitchen, closed with a drift eliminator with a cork that went with it. But the main value of the dropstick is the opportunity to save yourself from wine stains, which constantly appear when you sloppyly pour the drink over the glasses. 

The pourer is metal – it looks like a bottle cap, with a rubberized side that allows you to close the bottle tightly. Inside there is a separate cap, which can be removed during the filling process. If you are a big fan of wine – make sure you buy this accessory from Aliexpress.

Also in the vast Chinese online store you can find a full set for wine, along with a corkscrew and a solid cork.

Reviews on Wine Pourer from Aliexpress

Egg Moulds

Finally, I want to tell you about a very simple but useful product that perfectionists will especially like. Mould for eggs or pancakes, with which you can achieve a perfect round shape.

There are also special shaped shapes that allow frying eggs, for example, in the shape of a heart. If necessary, you can use the shapes for baking or preparing desserts. At AliExpress such accessories are metal and silicone. In addition, you can immediately buy a set of molds.

The advantages of silicone moulds are that they do not scratch the surface of the frying pan. Dough or eggs will not stick to them, so the glaze will be smooth and tidy. They are also easy to wash and do not require much space to store the moulds.

Reviews on Egg Moulds from Aliexpress

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