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Chicken Liver Souffle

Рецепты из печенки
Простые рецепты
Вкусное печеночное суфле


✔ chicken liver - 500 g
✔ carrots - 2 pcs.
✔ onions - 1 pcs.
✔ cream - 50 ml
✔ olive oil - 20 ml
✔ chicken egg - 1 pcs.
✔ oatmeal - 2 tbsp.
✔ salt, pepper, paprika - 0,5 tsp. each

🕜 1 hour 
👥 4-6 servings
Nutrition*: 12/7/3
Calories*: 126 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product


  1. Wash the liver and remove the fat from it.
  2. Peel onions, carrots. Prepare oatmeal.
  3. Grind all ingredients in a blender or on a meat grinder.
  4. Pour the mixture into a mould or tray.
  5. Bake liver souffle in an oven at 170° for 40-50 minutes.
  6. Enjoy a delicate and delicious chicken liver souffle.

Full recipe

Chicken liver soufflé is a kind of pate, only more delicate and very easy to prepare. There are many variants of this recipe, but today I want to show more “classic”.

Let’s start by choosing the liver for our dish. You can have any liver you like, but I think the gentlest one is chicken. We wash the liver well and remove the little fat that is on it. It’s easy to tear off with your fingers. We drain as much water as possible and move on to the next ingredients. We need to peel onions and carrots. We’ll grind them with the liver.

One of the components of liver soufflé is oatmeal flour, which will make the consistency of the dish more dense. I didn’t have any flour myself, so I grinded the oatmeal with a blender. This procedure can also be easily repeated with a coffee grinder. If no oat flour or oatmeal is available, add wheat flour or rice flour. As a last resort, the option without flour is also possible.

Let’s move on to product grinding. This can be done with a meat grinder or a blender. I used the second option. We throw in liver, vegetables, flour, egg, cream and spices. Grind to a homogeneous state.

To make the liver soufflé dietary, replace the cream with non-fat yogurt, sour cream or kefir.


Pour the finished liver mass into a mould or tray. I use a dense silicone mould from the Aliexpress, which holds the walls well – a reference to the silicone mould.

We put the form in the oven heated to 170 degrees for 40-50 minutes. During this time, the chicken liver souffle will bake well, but will not have time to begin to burn and dry.

We take the souffle out of the oven and let it cool down a little. In five minutes it will be easier to move away from the edges of the shape, so it can be beautifully placed on a plate.

Now we can slice soufflés like meat bread and use them on sandwiches, or just serve them with side dishes. You can eat this dish both warm and cold. Personally, I prefer a warm liver soufflé.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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