Walnut Stuffed Prunes with Sour Cream

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Украшаем чернослив со сметаной
Кушаем вкусную сладость
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✔ prune - 450 g
✔ sour cream 25% - 500 g
✔ nuts - 150 g
✔ sugar - 175 g
✔ vanillin - pinch
✔ cocoa - for powdering 1 tbsp.

🕜 7 hours 
👥 5 servings
Nutrition*: 4/15/37
Calories*: 294 kcal

* per 100 grams


  1. Soak the prunes, if necessary.
  2. Peel the nuts.
  3. Stuff the prunes with nuts and put into dishes.
  4. Whisk the cream from sour cream and sugar. Pour prunes on top.
  5. Eat a delicious dessert "Prunes and nuts with sour cream".

Full recipe

I am sure that most of you make delicious homemade desserts. However, some sweets can be made almost every day, and others – only on holidays. Most likely, at you, as well as at me, all desserts are divided into simple and difficult, and on this factor we decide how often to prepare this or that dessert. But even the most delicious dessert, if you make it too often, starts to get bored. So I want to share with you a very simple recipe of stuffed prunes in sour cream, which does not require a lot of personal time, and will help to complete your cookery book.

For cooking, we need a prune (400 g). It is desirable that it is not too hard, but not to fall apart. If possible, taste it when you buy it to choose the most delicious, with a perfect density.

Hard prunes need to be filled with boiling water for 10-15 minutes to soak it. Then drain the water and dry with paper towels.

Soft dried fruits can be cooked immediately. Stuffing prunes will be nuts. Most often they are cooked with walnuts, because they are the most affordable and budget, but nobody prevents to use almonds, hazelnuts, and other types of nuts. Crack the walnuts and we take out the kernels.

The rest of the nuts listed are almost ready for use, but I would recommend removing the husks if they are. To do this you can rub the nuts against each other right in the package and then select the cleaned cores. Now let’s move on to the stuffing process. We take the prunes and stick the nuts into them.

Dried fruits already have a hole through which the bone was removed, so we use it for our own purposes. If the nut does not get wet, it is possible to widen the hole a little or crush the nut. Sometimes the walnuts are caught so big that they have to be divided into 4-6 parts. Strongly soft prunes can fall apart in the hands, so work with it carefully. Stuffed blanks should be put into small deep plates.

Of course, you can also make one large portion, but it will not be very convenient to eat. Having stuffed the prunes, we move on to the cream. For this we will need chilled sour cream (500 g), sugar (175 g) and a pinch of vanilla. I prefer fatty sour cream, but you can cook it with any one you want. Put the sour cream in a deep dish, for example, a bowl, add sugar and start beating.

Beat until the sugar is completely dissolved. If it is possible to add to the cream not sugar, but sugar powder, then the process of beating will be easier.

To prepare a diet dessert, take a homemade yogurt and peel it off for 30 minutes, or immediately beat the Greek yogurt with sweetener.


Whipped sour cream is laid on top of the prunes. You can stir the dried fruits a little with a spoon or tap the plates on the table to make the sour cream better seep. Fill all the plates in this way.

We repeat the procedure by making several layers.

When stuffed prunes are covered with sour cream, you can partake of the dessert with cocoa powder and send it to the fridge for 6-8 hours.

Or you can first give the dessert to insist, and only before serving, decorate it with cocoa. While the prunes in sour cream stand in the fridge, they exchange flavors and aromas, so the ready dessert turns out fantastic.

As you have seen, the whole recipe takes no more than 30 minutes, and all the ingredients are available everywhere and everyone. And this means that stuffed prunes with nuts in sour cream can be a frequent guest for the whole family.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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