Korean-Style Green Tomatoes Recipe

Готовые зеленые помидоры по-корейски
Рецепты с зеленый помидор
Остренькая закуска с помидор
Маринованные зеленые помидоры


✔ green tomatoes – 1 kg
✔ carrots – 1 pc.
✔ onion – 1 pc.
✔ garlic – 1 head
✔ vegetable oil – 8 tbsp (70g)
✔ vinegar – 2 tbsp (20g)
✔ sugar – 2 tbsp.
✔ salt – 1 tbsp.
✔ hot pepper – 1 pc.
✔ ground coriander – 2 tsp.
✔ mustard seed – 1 tsp.
✔ parsley – 10 g

🕜 1 day
👥 6 servings
Nutrition*: 1/5/8
Calories*: 78 kcal

* per 100 grams

  1. Peel and grate carrots. Mix with salt and sugar.
  2. Cut green tomatoes into circles. Mix with the carrots.
  3. Add chopped garlic and spices.
  4. Prepare hot oil, with fried onions and hot peppers.
  5. Pour the oil into the bowl with the tomatoes. Add vinegar and herbs.
  6. Stir in the appetizer, place under a weight and send to the refrigerator. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours.
  7. Eat tasty and spicy Korean style green tomatoes.

Full recipe

I do not know why, but I have often encountered a situation where the owners of their own vegetable garden wonder what to do with green tomatoes. Because of bad weather or inability to harvest in time, they pick tomatoes still unripe, and then leave them on the balcony or window sill until the vegetables ripen. Of course, this is the way out, but almost no one thinks about making something tasty out of green tomatoes. There are plenty of options for recipes. The most popular are salted or pickled tomatoes for winter, Georgian-style, Armenian-style and the fastest way – Korean-style. The last one we will focus on, because it is ideal for a dynamic lifestyle, when you want to have time to do everything.

The ingredients for green tomatoes in Korean style are available to everyone, so the recipe is not only simple, but also budget-friendly. The tomatoes themselves should be dense, so they can be sliced into thin slices. If your tomatoes are brown and hard, they will also work for this recipe. For the other vegetables, we need a large carrot (1), a medium onion, a head of garlic (7-10 cloves) and hot peppers. Adjust the amount of pepper depending on its spiciness and your tastes, but on average 1 pepper goes. Also use a small bunch of greens, in my case parsley. Marinade is made from vegetable oil (8 tbsp.), 9% vinegar (2 tbsp.), sugar (2 tbsp.) and salt (1 tbsp.). And of course we need spices. “Korean-style” recipes can not do without coriander, we will use ground (2 tsp), and mustard seed (1 tsp).

Let’s proceed to cooking. First, peel the carrots and grate them. If there is a special grater for making korean style carrots, you can grate in it. I will use a regular coarse grater.

In a pinch, slice the carrots into thin julienne strips. Put it in a bowl where we will marinate the tomatoes, pour half of the salt (0.5 tbsp.) and sugar (1 tbsp.) on top. Knead the carrots well to make them juice.

Next, wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut them into thin circles. The thinner the thickness, the better they marinate, but don’t make chips. Put them in a bowl with the carrots and mix them.

Now pour the remaining salt and sugar into the center of the bowl. Add there the ground coriander, mustard seeds and finely chopped garlic.

The garlic can also be crushed with a garlic press – this is not important. Do it however you like.

On the resulting slide of garlic and spices we will pour hot oil, so at this stage there is no need to stir.

The oil will not be simple, with onions. So we pour vegetable oil into a saucepan or frying pan and start heating it.

At the same time we cut an onion in half rings and send it to the same place.

All that’s left is to cut the hot peppers into small wedges and add them to the onions.

We need literally a few minutes over medium heat for the onions to become translucent with golden edges, and for the peppers to pass on the spiciness of the oil.

When this moment comes, it’s time to pour the mixture over the spices and tomatoes. The hot oil will reveal the flavor of the coriander and make a quick heat treatment of the garlic.

Now add the vinegar and finely chopped parsley to the bowl.

Thoroughly stir the salad to evenly distribute the marinade. If there is not enough liquid, do not worry, with time the tomatoes will let the juice and the situation will change.

The last step is to make a weight of a plate and a jar of water. In this form we send the tomatoes to the refrigerator for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the tomatoes, pickled in Korean way, ready.

All that is left is to stir the contents of the bowl once again and you can serve the meal. Despite the simple ingredients, the appetizer is very interesting. Sour-sweet marinade with tangy notes of pepper and delightful aroma of spices is sure to please any foodie.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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