Fried Onion Sandwich


✔ white bread - 4 slices
✔ onion - 1 pc.
✔ flour - 1 tbsp.
✔ egg - 1 pc.
✔ salt - ½ tsp.
✔ pepper - ½ tsp.
✔ vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.

🕜 20 minutes
👥 2 servings
Nutrition*: 6/9/31
Calories*: 235 kcal

* per 100 grams of raw product


  1. Peel and chop the onion.
  2. Mix onion with egg, flour and spices.
  3. Make a sandwich and fry in a pan.
  4. Eat a flavorful and tasty dried onion sandwich.

Full recipe

A budget meal doesn’t have to be bad. I’ll prove it to you with some simple open onion sandwiches. In our country it is called a buterbrod. It’s kind of like hot sandwiches, only we’re going to fry them upside down in a frying pan.

It is desirable to take white bread, so it does not interrupt and complement the sweet flavor of onions. We need regular bread, baked from all purpose flour. If the bread is whole, we cut it into slices, about 1 cm thick. It is best to take the central slices, away from the neck, to get the maximum flesh area.

Now let’s make the filling. I’m making it for 4 slices of bread, so I take one large onion. It should be peeled and cut into small cubes.

Next, add an egg (1 pc.), a tablespoon of flour and salt (½ tsp.) and pepper (½ tsp.) to the onion. Knead the mass until homogeneous, until you get an onion dough. It is moderately liquid, but sticks well enough on the bread.

Before you start making the sandwiches, put a frying pan with vegetable oil on the stove. The more oil, the less chance that the filling will stick or fall apart. But it is also better not to pour too much oil, so as not to get a very greasy dish.

Now we take a few spoonfuls of onion filling and place it on a piece of bread.

In a swift motion, place the sandwich on the hot pan, onion side down. We need to make sure that the batter is firm so that we can flip the sandwich easily without losing the filling.

Fry the onion sandwich for about 3 minutes on one side and a minute on the other to get a crispy crust like croutons.

The main thing is for the onions to cook and lose their bitterness. Then it becomes sweet and incredibly delicious.

If you want to get rid of excess oil, put the finished sandwich on a paper towel.


We take the onion sandwiches off the stove and serve them while still hot. They are very flavorful, so I don’t have the strength to delay long enough to taste them. The filling is juicy, but it does not fall apart. The bread is crispy on the outside but moderately soft on the inside.

Hot onion sandwiches are a meal in their own right, so they’re great for breakfast or a quick snack during the day.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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