Salad With Crab Sticks And Cabbage

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✔ cabbage - 350 g
✔ crab sticks - 7 pcs.
✔ cucumber - 1 pc.
✔ corn - 2 tbsp.
✔ eggs - 2 pcs.
✔ onion - 1/4 pc.
✔ mayonnaise - 3 tbsp.
✔ salt - ½ tsp.
✔ black pepper - a pinch

🕜 15 minutes
👥 3 servings
Nutrition*: 4/6/5
Calories*: 96 kcal

* per 100 grams of raw product

Ингредиенты для салата

  1. Shred cabbage and mash with salt.
  2. Boil and slice the eggs.
  3. Shred the cucumber and crab sticks.
  4. Chop the onion finely and pour boiling water and vinegar over it.
  5. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Fill with mayonnaise.
  6. Eat a delicious salad with cabbage and crab sticks.

Full recipe

Salad with crab sticks and cabbage is undoubtedly one of the top 10 most popular salads in the CIS countries. All thanks to the cheapness and simplicity of the ingredients, as well as the ease of cooking. Therefore, let’s not delay and proceed to cooking.

First, let’s boil the eggs (2 pcs.), because this is the longest process in the cooking of the salad. Since we need hard-boiled eggs, we boil them for about 7 minutes, then cool them sharply in cold water.

Now process the cabbage (350 g). It is desirable to take young white cabbage or Chinese napa cabbage, to minimize the hard leaves in the salad. In my case, it is a white cabbage, from which I cut off the desired volume. Shred the leaves in thin strips. If the cabbage is very large, you can cut the strips into several more pieces.

Pour the cabbage into a bowl, add a little salt and squeeze for about a minute to release the juice. After this procedure the cabbage will be soft, suitable for the consistency of the future salad.

Next, move on to the crab sticks (7 pcs.). They need to be diced. Since the sticks break up into smaller pieces when mixed, you can cube them medium.

If you’re using frozen crab sticks, thaw them well in the refrigerator or at room temperature so they don’t lose much juice. Be sure to wait until they are completely defrosted, otherwise you’ll get nasty ice chunks in the salad.


Now it’s time to go back to the eggs. We peel them from the shell and cut them into small cubes. To speed up the process, I always use an egg slicer.

Also prepare a cucumber (1 pc). If the skin is bitter or too thick – be sure to peel it. Cut the cucumber into cubes the same size as the eggs.

All chopped ingredients go in a bowl with the cabbage. It remains to prepare the onions for the salad. Some people put it without processing, but I prefer to get rid of unnecessary bitterness and unpleasant smell, leaving only the taste. To do this, we chop the onions finely, and pour boiling water over them for 20-30 seconds.

It would be even better if you add a teaspoon of vinegar to the onions. In this time it will marinate a little and add its charm to the salad.

When all the ingredients are chopped, pour into the salad canned corn (2 tbsp.). Preferably it should be soft and sweet. Be sure without liquid, so as not to turn the dish into an okroshka.

We will dress the salad with mayonnaise (3 tbsp). We in the family almost always use homemade mayonnaise, because it is perfectly adapted to our taste and contains no preservatives or thickeners.

In the case of the store dressing, you may have to add a couple more spoonfuls so that the salad has a normal consistency. At the very end, taste the salad with crab sticks and cabbage, and add spices if something is missing. Most often it is a pinch of black pepper or salt.

As you can see, the cooking takes no more than 10 minutes. But what a delicious, juicy and filling salad we get. As a child, we often made it for holidays, and now I can enjoy it almost every day – and I wish you the same.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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