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Baked Mackerel Recipe

Скумбрия запеченная в духовке
Рецепт диетической скумбрии дома
Лучший рецепт скумбрии


✔ mackerel - 400 g
✔ olive oil - 1 tbsp.
✔ Italian herbs - ½ tsp.
✔ salt - 1 tsp.
✔ lemon - ¼ pcs.

🕜 40 minutes 
👥 3-4 servings
Nutrition*: 16/14/0
Calories*: 190 kcal

*per 100 grams of finished product


  1. Defrost the mackerel, gut it and wash it.
  2. Make cuts on the carcass and marinate the fish with oil, salt and herbs.
  3. Cut the lemon into slices. Insert them into the incisions.
  4. Put the mackerel in a tray, covered with foil, cover with another piece of foil from above.
  5. Bake the fish for 20-25 minutes, at 180°. Allow to stand for 5 minutes without upper foil.
  6. Serve mackerel with a side dish of rice, vegetables or potatoes.

Full recipe

The mackerel baked in the oven is one of the most popular diet recipes. First, it is delicious. Secondly, it takes no more than 40 minutes to prepare the dish, of which half an hour is spent on baking. Thirdly, mackerel meat is really healthy, soft, tender, and does not contain any small bones, which are so nagging during the meal.

For starters, let’s define the mackerel. Ideal is fresh mackerel, if it is sold in your area. In my case, only freshly frozen carcasses are available, so I will cook them. The fish must be defrosted.

It is best to defrost the fish in the fridge, then it will lose the minimum juiciness. When defrosting faster, a large amount of liquid from the fish is lost along with the water, so the dish will be dry as a result.


When the mackerel is completely melted, I wash it well under running water and remove all the insides. We remove the gills from the head. Of course, you can cut off the head completely, but then during cooking, more juice will flow from the fish.

On the prepared mackerel we make 3-5 cuts on each side. Incisions are made carefully, up to the ridge, so as not to accidentally cut the fish into pieces. I always cut a little at an angle to increase the area of the incision.

Now we start marinating the mackerel. To do this, pour on it a little oil, preferably olive oil, so as not to interrupt the delicate taste and aroma of the fish itself. Well coat the carcass with oil.

Then we sprinkle the mackerel with spices. It is obligatory to use salt. Pepper – if desired. I strongly recommend adding dried basil and oregano. I had the “Italian Herbs” seasoning available, so I used it.

Smear the spices evenly on the mackerel, not forgetting the inner side and cuts.

The last ingredient left is lemon. Baked mackerel in the oven with lemon, gets the additional flavor of sourness, which is perfectly combined with the fish itself. Cut slices of lemon equal to the number of cuts.

I also recommend to splash some mackerel inside and outside with lemon juice.

At this point the preparatory phase comes to an end. If you wish, leave the fish for 10-20 minutes to marinate. Prepared mackerel is sent to the oven, it is desirable to use a foil. The mackerel baked in the foil is very juicy, and at the end of baking you can make a rouge crust. So we cover a small deep tray with the foil, put the fish on top and cover it with another piece of foil.

Send fish to the oven for 20-25 minutes, at 180 degrees.

Then remove the “lid” of the foil, and leave for another 5 minutes.

At the output you get a delicious diet mackerel, with an unrealistically pleasant aroma.

This dish definitely occupies the top of the diet food and is also ideal for people who are not on a diet. It is best to serve mackerel with boiled rice, vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Bon appetit! Don’t starve 😋

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